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Teens and Young Adults still need our Guidance

For some reason, whether I’ve read it somewhere or watched it on a show, I’ve noticed a trend. The parent says something to the effect of now that they are 18, their child is an adult and free to make their own decisions. While it is true that this is the time in their lives …

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First Grade Moment

A first grader was hunched over in the corner, extremely upset, during class, on and off. He felt that his buddy “hated him” because his buddy was playing with other students and had other friends now.  His buddy even checked in on him but the student hid his face.  While I reminded his buddy that …

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Setting boundaries

When we give in to our child out of guilt, they actually internalize a feeling of “badness.” When we give in to our child because it is convenient – and we don’t want to deal with the conflict – we are building up resentment – which may come out later. Instead, make decisions that feel …

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Mindful journey with kids

Composure, an important skill

Composure is an important skill in parenting. It is important to model it and teach it to your child. If we can keep our cool in challenging times, we are modeling the same behavior in our children. Stress, lack of sleep and trigger thoughts are ingredients for aggression. Are you pampering and caring for yourself? …

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Mean what you say

Are you the kind of person who means what you say? This is something I sometimes ask a child when they are resolving a conflict. It is a powerful phrase! In modeling this, am I the kind of person who means what I say? Children feel valued and respected when adults mean what they say. …

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